Tuesday 16 Oct 2018
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Welcome to the Frontpage
Radio G- News On Your Doorstep... PDF Print E-mail

Radio Grahamstown has moved into the back of the Grocott’s Mail building, where the crew hopes to settle down permanently. Riding the airwaves through the frequency of 102.1 MHz FM stereo, local news and entertainment has been gracing the ears of both the youth and adults since late 1995, not without major difficulties, however.

Beginning with a group of individuals who had a vision of a community radio which would bring people together, breaching the imbalances of the past, Grahamstown Community Radio was born in 1991.

Even though the idea and commitment was in place by the people, there were no funds to start a studio. In 1995, Radio Grahamstown applied for a license with the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA), but having no studio, they were only able to secure a slot on Rhodes Music Radio (RMR) every Saturday between 7 and 10am.

Here, Radio Grahamstown was able to cover the main community issues as this was, and still is, the objective: to bring the community together.

Read more about the move here: