Thursday 20 Sep 2018
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Audio Content Production PDF Print E-mail

This project involves the establishment of a news agency specializing in local audio-driven content. The agency will be run by students from the School of Journalism and Media Studies, who will be mentored by staff from the Radio Section.

It will prioritize the production of news material in Xhosa, Afrikaans and other Southern African languages. Stories will be primarily in audio form, but as the agency matures it will also experiment with the production of audio-driven multimedia stories, involving collaboration between radio- and photojournalism students.

The School of Journalism and Media Studies (JMS) journalism curriculum is another component. The 120 students in the second year of study learn elementary audio journalism, and some 30 specialise in it at higher levels within the several degree programs that are offered by JMS. The involvement of this specialization in the “Iindaba Ziyafika” project would see curriculum development around a student radio news agency under faculty mentoring.