Tuesday 16 Oct 2018
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Outreach Programme PDF Print E-mail

The Schools Outreach Programme

 The Journalism and Media Studies School currently runs a media outreach program which seeks to sensitize young people (high school students) to the democratic role of journalism and the media.

Named after the murdered activist, Steve Biko, the project was developed in the late 90s and involved Grahamstown high school learners coming to Rhodes Journalism and Media Studies School for writing workshops.

In 2000 the project grew to host a national Steve Biko Media Week competition for senior learners. The top 20 entrants win a week at the School where they experience media production as a career possibility. For the purposes of “Iindaba Ziyafika”, a part-time Schools Outreach Projects Officer will work with five high schools in Grahamstown to promote school media clubs where youth can become critical consumers as well as producers of content via both mobile and Grocott’s Digital.

The plans for the project are to:

• Create a ‘social wiki’ of Grahamstown (to compliment the overall Grahamstown wiki that we are creating) where learners will do research and ‘fill in the gaps’ about the areas in which they live and the school that they go to. Why does a particular street have a particular name? Or a school? What are some of the important historical milestones for this area?

• Helping learners create a school year book, or annual magazine. All the well-resourced schools in Grahamstown produce a yearbook, but none of the poorer schools can afford them. We’re also hoping to receive more photos from their cell phones as well as stories and story tips.

 • Creating content for the weekly hour-long community radio show, broadcast by Radio Grahamstown, Izwi Labahlali (The Voice Of The Citizens). Stories for this show will be generated by both school based and non-school youth, but the show will focus more on youth orientated issues than was the case in 2009. (http://www.grocotts.co.za/content/izwi-labahlali-voice-citizens). This will include reportage of the proposed public speaking competition and proposed Schools News quiz which will use a multimedia, but cell phone centric approach. Radio, IM, print and online, will all play their role in the proposed schools news quiz.