Tuesday 16 Oct 2018
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Citizen Journalism Newsroom PDF Print E-mail

The Grocott's Mail Citizen Newsroom - a place now known to community members as a hub of excitement, where anybody, despite their race, social class or gender, can empower those around them, bring about a sense of community awareness and encourage citizens to stand together and dicuss important topics and issues that may arise in Grahamstown.

The Indaba Ziyafika Citizen Journalism Newsroom at Grocott's Mail was launched on September 8 2009 and has since seen learners and other interested members of the community flood through it's doors in excitement.

The newsroom, boasting a dozen computers and various cable and Bluetooth dongles, allows for photos and other content to be uploaded from any cellular phone. This means that any community member can walk in, write a story, download a photograph and get it published on the Grocott's Mail website, or in the twice weekly print edition of the newspaper. Read more here:                

The launch was attended by many interested  members of the community, Rhodes University academics, the University's Vice Chancellor and the Mayor of Makana, Vumile Lwana. The newsroom has been very successful and has seen several pass through it's training courses. Below just an image of the proud graduates from the course.

Left: Pictured here are Carol Strodl, arts and crafts sales manager, who’s story about vegetable gardens was published in the print edition. Dabula Maxam, unemployed, wrote about employment opportunities in Grahamstown and was also published in the print edition of Grocott’s Mail. Zoli Sakata, far right in the picture, wrote about a family who received a government funded toilet…instead of a house.