Tuesday 16 Oct 2018
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Do these steps if you do not have a NiKA Online Distribution CD


-Click here to download the file:

-Unzip this file to a temporary folder.

-Double-click on the file Setup-Nika.bat in the temporary folder. Follow the prompts. Note that this is a two-phase install: the bat file will prompt you to get the second phase of setup done when you close the installer from the first phase.

 -The install could fail if you don't have the necessary prequisites. Please follow this link and install these first and then come back and redo these steps.

-When this is complete and Nika is working, you can delete the temporary folder.


  If you do have a NiKA Online distribution CD

The software supplied on the NiKA CDs is for version 1.1, which is no longer in use. To upgrade to version 2.0, do the following: Install NiKA from the CD as per normal, then, in the following folder:

you will find three folders and three zip files with the same names.Please delete the zip files.
In this folder:

C:\Program Files\7 Fountains Digital\NikaLaunch

you will find a file called RegistrationKey.txt. Please replace this file
with the one BELOW (You may have to right-click on the
existing file and change the properties setting from "read-only" before it
will allow you to overwrite.)


The next time you run NiKA it will automatically download the deleted zip files (about 4Mb worth) and should open NiKA as version 2.0. Once the system is up and running, the default username is editor1 and the
default password is abcd1234.

The SMS system will also be up and running. The number to use is 072-748-6193. Any message (SMS) sent to this number will drop straight into the News Desk queue in NiKA.

NOTE: These instructions will get you into the Demo version of NiKA, which is accessible to a range of people. If you wish to use NiKA with your own private space, contact us and we will supply you with a unique registration key.

If you have any problems or queries, phone Simon Pamphilon on 046 603 7126 (or send an
SMS and he will phone you).

  Having a Problem? 

If you have encountered any problems during the installation process please email Sarah Cohen  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or phone 046 603 7140 to get installation support. This installation will get you into the Demo version of NiKA. If you wish to use NiKA within your own private space please feel free to email and we will supply you with a unique registration key.