Thursday 20 Sep 2018
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Mobile Active - Grocott's Mail: A Local Newspaper Embraces Mobile Phones PDF Print E-mail


In Grahamstown, South Africa, getting and sharing news is a mobile experience. Grocott’s Mail, a local paper, incorporates mobile phones into many aspects of its news service – from disseminating headlines via SMS, to encouraging readers to text in their opinions, to a Knight Challenge-winning citizen journalist training program.

The paper, which sells 6,400 copies each week, is a good example of how mobiles can create a richer news experience for both readers and publishers. Harry Dugmore, a professor at the School of Journalism and Media Studies at Rhodes University who runs the Iindaba Ziyafika program with Grocott’s Mail says, “The inspiration for the whole project is trying to democratize news and information and put it into the hands of more people, give people more access to it, and create more participation – not just one-way, top-down communication.”

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